IELTs Classes


International English Language Testing System or more preferably to be called as IELTS which was established in 1989 as it is a typical test for non-native English language speakers. IELTS is accepted mainly by institutes of many countries as Australia, United Kingdom and United States of America or name to a few more as by giving IELTS it becomes more convenient to make your immigration accepted.  
As per there are no such marks for clearing the test, as the test is conducted and the candidates are scored in bands (which means levels of expertise). Once you conducted IELTS the reports are valid for maximum a time period of two years. As per millions of candidate conduct the test as per organization taking test also being increased each year which makes it the most fame test of English Language worldwide. 


IELTS was launched in 1980 but went live in 1989 as the number of candidates appeared were in promising number. Mostly the test was conducted by different countries initially but then finally an international partnership of conducting countries named the test IELTS. Firstly the IELTS has two specialized modules and two non-specialized modules as Reading and Writing, and, Listening and Speaking, respectively with having option in both modules to opt out the one. This format was revised in 1995 which some changes as options were removed between selection of the module and test was started to be reported in the form of scores but later it changed into band level after some revisions in the format over some years but noticeable revisions in the test were followed upon. Further revisions went live in 2001 (revised Speaking Test) and 2005 (new assessment criteria for the Writing test)

Characteristics of IELTS

IELTS has been designed for covering full range of ability to non-user to expert-user which includes IELTS Academic and General Training.
As academic training is conducted when a candidate is being admitted in universities or going for educational basis. General Training is conducted by those who are going for purpose of work experience or for immigration purpose. The module of both training methods includes the major features of the test conduction:
  • IELTS test the ability of the candidate about listening, reading, writing and speaking of the language.
  • The major module of IELTS is of speaking which is recorded for monitoring and for handling the appeal of marking score issue.
  • Different varieties of writing styles and accents are presented in test for linguistic bias to minimize it as it is developed by different teams of different countries.
  • Band scores are used for each sub-skill of the language (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking). The band scale ranges from 0 to 9.

Test Duration

The four abilities discussed above are also known as parts of IELTS which are being divided into time period in accordance of the test.

  • Listening: 40 minutes 
  • Reading: 60 minutes
  • Writing: 60 minutes
  • Speaking: 11-15 minutes

The total test time provided is of 2 hours and 55 minutes. The procedure of test are divided into parts as first three procedure (Listening, Reading and Writing) are taken in one form go. As speaking test is conducted on same day or may be seven days before or after other tests.
The formation only differs in academic or general test conduction; the test is same for all in their type of test conduction.


IELTS Promosing Decleration

A quality-assured system for marking of every IELTS test, the procedures followed is standardized and panels of trained examiners are appointed to mark test. The examiners appointed for examination process are fully qualified, experienced and effective and certified by ESOL Cambridge.

Procedure of Registration

IELTS being conducted in Pakistan is by British Council and Australian Education Office (more fondly to be called as AEO. As per the test conducted is the same by the both organization.
The procedure of registration can be done by simply visiting their offices in your respective city or in your district city where they have offices, as forms can be downloaded from the websites for the application of conducting the test.

  • The application form must be having these following documents attached with it.
  • Photocopy of National Identity Card or Passport
  • Recent Images of Passport Size (Background must be Blue or Black)
  • One photograph to be pasted on form and other to be attached with the form.

As the application form can be submitted through by going to the counseling offices or by sending through courier services to the nearest respective city office.

Rules and Regulations about Test Day

The most important thing on this occasion is time so you must have to report to the center on time but reaching before the reporting time is beneficial for you. The things that will be required to you on test time:

  • Original National Identity Card / Passport
  • Lead Pencils along with erasers and sharpener
  • Ballpoint Pen of Blue or Black Color
  • IELTS test fee receipt

Students falling short to complete the above requirements will not be allowed to sit in the examination hall. No results will be issue to the students getting involved in impersonation or any kind of misconduct.

Test Day Extension

IELTS test can be delayed in case of some medical or compassionate reason but charges will apply as the best favor concerned, you are allowed to extend the test date only once. The applicant must apply at least (5 to 6) weeks before the test date. Check all your registration information once you are provided with the details. Some documentary evidences are submitted for approval of the submission.

IELTS Test Results

The results are provided after 2 weeks of the current test attempted by the candidate. One copy of the result will be provided to the candidate, also called TRF (Test Report Form) or known as IELTS result.If you want the test center to send you multiple copies of your test result then they will charge you some amount on per copy. The results in Pakistan are mostly delivered to the candidates through courier service and summarized results are sent through text message service.