Regular Classes


Regular Classes, provide a basic platform to candidates so that they can enhance their skills about their relative program of study. Special courses need special attention. For this purpose they need immense information and knowledge about the course and its correlated subjects.
LORE IGT provides you the best podium to prepare yourself for the examinations as we have classified teacher for each subject and with their help you can enhance your thoughts and clear your concepts and vision with tremendous ability to expound.
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Ordinary and Advanced Level more commonly known as (O/A Level) as this theme of study is associated with Cambridge University Press (United Kingdom) moreover, their exams are conducted under the supervision of British Council. The degree of O’Levels is equivalent to the secondary education degree (matriculation), while A’Levels is equivalent to the higher secondary education degree (intermediate).

BA-MA English

BA/MA English

Bachelors and Masters of Art abbreviated can be pronounced as BA/MA. English being the universal language and countries that are not native speakers of the language are in the quest to get educated in it. LORE IGT provides you to get joined with us for completing your courses of bachelors and masters under the supervision of classified teacher, helping you in clearing your concepts and enhance your vision about the perspective of subject including their details.


CSS Classes

CSS the word being abbreviated from Central Superior Services is the special test that is taken by many candidates for joining different jobs in the civil services more often called as government department jobs. These exams need load of preparation while clearing all your concepts regarding each subject. LORE IGT offers the candidate to get the best knowledge about these exams by joining classes which are especifically designed to prepare students for CSS.